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    Investrend Integrated Platforms = Financial Intelligence & Shareholder Empowerment
While Investrend’s Financial Intelligence + Shareholder Empowerment platforms are offered as independent programs, Investrend specializes in an integrated, interdependent approach, pulling together Research, Broadcast, Forums and Information platforms as needed – creating an unmatched, fully synergistic, cohesive platform to enhance events, conferences, research, publications and information distributions to achieve targeted, worldwide impact!

    Investrend Research = Shareholder Empowerment
Investrend Research is the largest, pioneering independent research program, with over 65 professional analysts providing more than 650 reports since 1996.  Analysts are paid by Investrend Research in advance of their initial coverages to avoid or lessen pecuniary interests, and may not own or trade in the equities of companies under coverage.

    Investrend Broadcast = Shareholder Empowerment
Investrend Broadcast provides full audio/video capabilities – audio interviews, audio/video hyperlink releases, webcast, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, CD, radio/TV, powerpoint and transcript.  CEOFocus, CEOView, CorpView, EventCast, or Earnings may be scheduled via telephone or in the exclusive Investrend Broadcast Studios on W. 54 St. in New York City.  The Investrend / ON24 “CEO of the Week™”, for example, is the most prestigious, most widely distributed webcast on the Internet.

    Investrend Forums = Shareholder Empowerment
Investrend Forums has provided platforms for investors to hear upwards of 350 CEOs and CFOs tell their corporate stories – either in an exclusive analyst/broker presentation, via a one-on-one Roadshow, or as part of a sector or geographic group.  Supported by Investrend Broadcast, Investrend Forums exclusively produces and co-sponsors hundreds of events in more than 50 worldwide brokerage and investor venues.  

    Investrend Information = Shareholder Empowerment
Investrend Information provides corporate and investor resources, and publishes FirstAlert™, the FirstAlert Network electronic information and notification publication.  Investrend Information’s FinancialWire™ provides proprietary syndicated distributions of news and information via global providers such as ComtexNews and On24News – covering the entire financial world.  

    FinancialWire™ / 'Where the News Comes First'
FinancialWire™, a product of Investrend Information, has rapidly made its mark on the global financial news industry, with its serious but often slightly irreverant coverage.

    ENROLLMENT FEES -- Reasonable, affordable enrollment fees have put Investrend's unique financial intelligence platforms to work for shareholders of more than 800 public companies since 1996!
Investrend Empowers Your Shareholders Via Affordable Research, Forums, Broadcast and Information Platforms

    Shareholders Ask Public Companies : ‘Where is Your Research?’
“Despite surveys that show that three out of every four investors are ‘most influenced’ by an analyst report, that nearly nine out of ten believe that ‘legitimate fee-based research is objective and useful,’ and despite a directive from the National Investor Relations Institute that companies may commission research for their shareholders and prospective shareholders, the vast majority of public companies do not currently provide their shareholders with the vital independent evaluation of their prospects.”

    Investrend Offices and Divisions
Financial Intelligence = Shareholder Empowerment

    The Investrend Story
Investrend Communications, Inc. (ICI), has provided Shareholder Empowerment platforms and Financial Intelligence to millions of professionals and investors alike since 1996.

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