Putting Investors FIRST 

To accomplish the objectives of the FIRST Research Consortium, there are four committees whose Members are appointed by the Chair, with the advice and consent of the Membership:

1. Education and Communications – the mission of the Committee is to maintain communications with the media, issue press statements, to educate the public via pronouncements, blogs, seminars, speaking engagements and all means necessary to achieve its objectives.

2. Industry Liaison – the mission of the Committee is to maintain relationships with and dialogue between the various entities engaged in establishing standards and ethics in the research community, as well as supporting consumer, investor, and institutional organizations, and where possible to cooperate and collaborate as long as such collaboration does not result in a compromise of key components of its umbrella standards.

3. Standards and Ethics – the mission of the Committee is to continually study and recommend revisions in the “Standards of Practice for Research Providers” and its specific components where such revisions shall provide fuller protection and transparency to investors, and further promote credibility and trust.

4. Membership and Adoption – the mission of the Committee is to expand the universe of Research Providers adopting these Standards and participating in the Consortium’s programs and objectives.