Putting Investors FIRST 

Howlett Research, Sechelt, British Columbia

Howlett Research Corp. has assisted quality junior and micro cap companies more effectively position themselves in the financial marketplace for over 10 years.  Our approach is to leverage our experience in corporate finance and M&A to offer the highest level of professionalism to our clients.

Here is how we can help:

Research Reports.  Our primary service has been to complete in-depth research reports for our clients.  They are typically one of the thousands of companies that lack adequate coverage and desire more than simple promotional material to represent them as a flagship piece.  These reports are very useful because they enable investors to quickly and objectively understand the underlying business dynamics and grasp the financial market potential of the company.  They have been proven to effectively improve a company's image and facilitate a more accurate market valuation.

Our Philosophy.
  Our reports are primarily developed for junior to medium sized companies that are undervalued relative to its peer group and lack adequate coverage by the financial community.  These reports explain how the company is positioned in its competitive environment, along with what its business development/growth strategy and associated market potential is.  They are particularly helpful in explaining to investors difficult to understand technologies, concepts, and other situations in a concise manner.

These reports are often included in the company's Investor Relations package to enhance credibility and help improve/enhance the company's image to a wide variety of investors.  This type of in-depth, comprehensive research is usually available to only the largest, most heavily traded companies by brokerage houses.

We maintain a high degree of integrity - we simply charge clients on a simple fee for service basis.  We are not paid from trading profits, from corporate finance deals, nor do we "front run" the stock or accept options.  It is our name on the front and it is important that we preserve our integrity, particularly in today's volatile environment.

Business Plans.
 For both publicly traded and private companies, Howlett Research Corp. has overhauled many business plans that have been proven to dramatically increase their ability to raise capital from investors and/or assist with their documentation to various regulatory authorities.

Other Services.
 We also assist clients by a full slate of complementary services, including financial modeling (spreadsheets); corporate brochures and other marketing documents, business strategy consulting, and referrals to funding sources.

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