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SISM Research & Investment Services, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is a private firm offering a variety of investment and financial services since 1995.  SISM Research writes, publishes and distributes investment research coverage, in both English and German, on micro to small-cap public companies trading on the BBX/OTC Bulletin Board, NASDAQ and AMEX.   This coverage is geared toward institutional and individual investors in both North America and Europe.

Most micro and small-cap companies believe that their business plans demonstrate why investors should invest and are enough to attract investors.   In reality, the majority of investors perform their own due diligence, which is a cumbersome and often inefficient task.  SISM Research provides independent company research that investors can use to speed and enhance their own due diligence efforts.

Independent research coverage is an essential element for any public company wanting to attract investors.  A company withour research coverage will most certainly be ignored and therefore its stock price may suffer despite excellent fundamentals.

During the last ten years, the number of public companies in the U.S. has grown from 4,000 to more than 10,000.   Efforts over the past few years by the Securities and Exchange Commission and stock exchanges to narrow the bid/asked spreads in stock trading has actually increased traders’ focus on stocks that trade millions of shares per day over companies that trade a few thousands.  Increased interest in investing has led to a boom in managed portfolio sizes.  Money managers are too overwhelmed by attempts to cover thousands of stocks and instead follow and buy the larger-cap “popular” stock.

What can a company do to combat these factors and receive the attention it deserves?   Without generating interest and attracting shareholder attention, increased share value is virtually impossible despite how good a company’s fundamentals are.   The best way to attract new shareholders is through independent investment research.  It is a fact that most individual investors, the best potential source of new investors for micro and small-cap companies, perform their own due diligence before investing.

Independent research reports provide comprehensive coverage on all aspects of a company in a convenient, easy-to-read format.  It is also known that investors rely on research firms for investment information and updated news on company operations.   Without independent research coverage, any company, but most especially micro to small-caps have a very difficult time winning and maintaining investor confidence.

Over the past eight years, SISM has achieved major successes with companies like Medicis Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:MRX).  When SISM initiated coverage of Medicis, the company was trading on the NASDAQ:SC; after SISM released its research report, a year later Medicis successfully moved to the NYSE.  Biometrix is another company that followed much the same route to success as did Medicis.  Biometrix was trading on NASDAQ; after SISM initiated coverage, the company moved to the NYSE and was subsequently acquired by its competitor.

The Singing Machine (AMEX:SMD) was another success story for both SISM and the company, itself.  When SISM initiated coverage on the company in June 1999, the share price was US$1.5.  In 2000, the company moved to AMEX and reached an all-time high in the first quarter of 2002 of close to US$30 per share prior to a 2/3 split.  According to “Business Week,” The Singing Machine was the fastest growing company in the US during the year 2001.

From its inception, SISM has been dedicated to the enhancement of micro- and small-cap companies and its successes prove that SISM is definitely the company to look to when identifying future winners.

SISM Research offers extensive research coverage, including bilingual reports, as well as many other services to help your shareholders properly evaluate your company.

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