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VEReports and ValuEngine, Miami

VEReports.com, a unit of ValuEngine.com, delivers real-time independent and industry research valuations on more than 10,000 U.S. companies in 200 U.S. industries, and 12,500 mutual funds, totaling some 60,000 reports.

VEReports uniquely provides distribution of Investrend and FIRST consortium member reports to leading portals such as Reuters Research at Multex.com, CBS MarketWatch, Hoover's, BNY Jaywalk, CCBN, Internet.com, Earthlink Financial, Investrend.com, Sector Data and Marketocracy.

ValuEngine.com is a stock valuation, investment forecasting service. The company was co-founded by Dr. Zhiwu Chen, a professor of finance at Yale University's School of Management. Dr. Chen, with the ValuEngine research team developed and tested the VE Stock Valuation Model, econometric models for forecasting, and the VE portfolio construction, tracking and advisory products. Our services include this site for individual investors and ValuEngine Institutional, a software product for equity fund managers and other financial professionals.

Until now, the VE Institutional stock valuation, risk management and forecasting technology has been available only to financial professionals in the United States and Asia. Now individual investors planning their own financial future and managing their own portfolio, can have access to the same tools used by equity fund and portfolio managers use as they deal with billions of dollars in assets every business day.

ValuEngine's ongoing cooperative research program, involving economists and financial theorists at Yale University and its own development team, has forged a solid bridge between the academic world and the marketplace. Thus armed with the freshest concepts and ideas, the ValuEngine team tests new theories and works out practical applications for them.  There is perhaps no asset valuation and forecasting system in use today that is the equal of ValuEngine.com and VEReports.com.

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