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Wasserman Morris, New York, NY


Wasserman Morris is a completely independent research and strategic consulting firm. Our main focus and competitive niche are small and micro-cap companies that are trading below their fundamental values, mainly due to their obscurity.  There are too many under followed companies consistently executing from quarter to quarter that deserve quality institutional holders.

We service undervalued companies who choose to be proactive and transparent by offering top-quality paid for research.  Too often in today's marketplace, small-cap companies are unable to provide a large enough economic incentive to investment banks and brokerage firms' analysts to follow.  Companies today need unbiased research in order to take complete advantage of access to capital, liquidity, and a fair stock value.

Wasserman Morris and Company is committed to maintaining our clients' exposure and research coverage is essential.  We also will arrange meetings with our personal network of investors that we have known over the past few decades. In addition, we can arrange meetings with institutions and give valuation reports to money managers that subscribe to our research, as well as other strategic partners.

At Wasserman Morris, we believe that in conjunction with our fundamental research and "face to face" meetings with prospective parties, companies will be able to convince investors about the long term prospects of their business model, and most importantly their competitive advantage.

There is no fee for interested parties for research on our clients and we invite all investors to view our covered companies.

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