Putting Investors FIRST 

TSX Venture Exchange
First Research Consortium Invited to TSX Venture Exchange ‘Standards’ Meeting

Dow Jones Newswires
Dow Jones Confirms CFAI, NIRI Endorse Fee-Based Research, Set Guidelines

Dow Jones Newswires
Research-For-Hire Shops Growing, Seeking Legitimacy

CFA Magazine
Issuer-Paid Research Is Here to Stay.

CFA Institute, National Investor Relations Institute
Join in Promulgating Revolutionary Standards For Fee-Based Research, Issuers

Fee-Based Model Accepted Accepted in Financial Industry, Consortium Quoted

Institutional Investors Forum 2004 – Keynote Address
Financial Research: State of the Industry

The New York Times
Stock Research: The New Growth Industry

Financial Mail
Scarcity of Research Gives Rise to Independent Investment Research Houses

SEC, NASD, NAASA, NYSAG, State Regulators Mandate
Paid-For Research

Research Settlement Requires Second Opinion

National Investor Relations Institute
Endorses ‘Paid-For’ Research

Former SEC Chair Arthur Levitt / Bloomberg
Endorses Independent Research Model

USA Today
Less Stock Research is Loss For Companies

New York Times
Editorial Endorses Independent Research Model

NIRI Update
The Cost of Coverage / Credibility

Shareholder Value Magazine
Research For Sale